Matured Coconuts

Indonesia is the world’s largest coconuts producers, coconut trees can be grown in almost all regions of the country. Indonesia is primarily known for it’s matured coconuts which are essentially mature fruits from the coconut palm. The outer shell has a coarse brown hair-like texture. Inside the shell is a cavity filled with known as coconut water (not coconut milk), and a layer of firm white meat.


There are several products and by-products of the matured coconut which are ready for export:


  • Fully husked/ Semi husked coconut


The mature coconuts are hand-picked by experienced farmers from selected farms in Indonesia. We ensure that the moisture content is balanced, and the coconuts are free from rodent infestation & pests.


The husk is removed by skilled personnel, sorted by size and weight and  then packed in plastic netted bag for good air circulation.


Standard Packaging: 25 nuts per plastic netted bag


  • Coconut Shell

Coconut shell is the strongest part covered in coconut fruit.

This is shell is use to produce various handicraft applies and other applications.

Most of handmade decorative are created by using coconut shell due to their strength.

Coconut shells are also used to made charcoal which is use as fuel and this coconut charcoals are far better than other charcoals

Standard Packaging: 15kgs in a PP bag


  • Coconut Shell Charcoal


Coconut Charcoal is an important product obtained from coconut shell which is used widely as industrial fuel. Coconut shell charcoal is widely used to produce activated carbon. Activated Carbon produced from coconut shell has certain specific advantages as the raw material can adsorb certain molecular species – also widely used in purification industry.


Standard Packaging: 30 Kg PP bag


  • Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette is a compact block charcoal made from coconut shell charcoal. The charcoal briquette is made of granular coconut shell charcoal that is crushed charcoal and molded.


The fixed carbon charcoal produces a lot of heat and a longer burn time compared to ordinary charcoal. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor – food industries, barbeque, stove fuel, shishah, hookah etc


Standard Packaging: 1 kg of briquettes may be clear plastic wrapped and several 1 kg packages inserted in master carton boxes (of 20kg, 30kg etc. weight)


The briquettes can also be packed according to your exact requirement (plastic covering only, full color box within inner plastic lining etc.).


The size and shape of briquettes can be customized as well.



  • White Copra

Copra is derived from the kernel of coconut which is traditionally dried under the sun for a few days. Copra is mainly used for oil extraction and which is further processed into many different product such as cooking oil, biodiesel and oleochemical. Copra has an oil content varying from 61 to 65 %.



  • Standard Packaging: 40 kg/Plastic Netted Bag
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