We offer pulses and beans from various countries depending on the season,

quality of the crop and price


  1. Red Kidney Beans (RKB)
  2. Green Moong Beans (Moong Whole)
  3. Moong Chhilka
  4. Moong Dal
  5. Black urad Beans
  6. Urad Chhilka
  7. Urad Dal
  8. Red lentils
  9. Pigeon Peas
  10. Chickpeas
  11. Black eyed beans
  12. Broad beans (Fava beans)
  13. Red lentils
  14. Green lentils
  15. Brown lentils
  16. Adzuki beans



Additional Services:

  • Standard Packaging of 25kg PP bags / Jute Bags
  • Private label – customized packing (OEM) in customer’s brand name
  • Can customize to smaller size packing as well
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