Indian Rice

India is one of the world’s largest producers of rice and brown rice. It is it is one of the principal food crops.


Basmati Rice – Basmati, meaning ‘Queen of Fragrance’ is a variety of long grain rice, famous for its fragrance and delicate flavour.


  • 1121 (Parboiled or Sella/ Steam / Raw)
  • Pusa (Parboiled or Sella/ Steam / Raw)
  • Sugantha (Parboiled or Sella/ Steam / Raw)
  • Sharbati (Parboiled or Sella/ Steam /Raw)

Non- Basmati variety

  • IR 64 (Parboiled or Sella/ Raw)
  • IR 36 (Parboiled or Sella/ Raw)
  • Swarna Masoori Rice (Parboiled or Sella / Raw/ Steam)
  • Ponni Rice (Parboiled or Sella/ Raw/ Steam)
  • Idly Rice (Parboiled or Sella/ Raw)
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