Mangosteen is often called the Queen of Fruits, due to its “cooling”

properties, in contrast to the King of Fruits, Durian. The husk or

exocarp of the Mangosteen is a leathery purple shell which, when

opened, reveals the soft, white fruit which is quite delicate and

consists of 4-8 segments, the larger of which contain seeds. The

fragrant, fleshy fruit is both sweet and tangy.

Mangosteens are graded by size, as follows:

  • 2A – 60g-75g
  • 3A – 75g-85g
  • 4A – 85g-100g
  • 5A – 100g-115g
  • 6A – 115g-120g
  • Jumbo (7A) – 120g and above


Availability : Apr.-Dec

Peak period : Apr.-Aug.

Size: 2A(60g)/ 3A(70g)/ 4A(80g)/ 5A(85+)

Net Weight: 9 kg/basket

Loading Capacity: 2,140 baskets/40’HC RF

Shelf Life: 15 days from date of packing

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