Where is New Era Trading Company?

New Era Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand

What are the advantages of using our company?

Personalization or Adaptation – from service, packaging, labeling, inspection
all through delivery, we can customize every aspect of your order.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are present all over the world. We are happy to supply every
city in every country and every continent. We currently supply the Middle East,
Europe, United States of America and Africa.

What are the shipping conditions?


How can you communicate with us?

Please leave your message on the Contact Us page or send us an e-mail.
We promise to contact you within 48 hours.

Which countries do you currently work with?

New Era Trading Co., Ltd. is centrally located in Bangkok, Thailand. We have
a very strong partnership network with our neighboring countries such as
Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

How do you transport the food?

We ship to our customers both via sea and air.

Do you do Private Label?

Yes, We offer private labels and special packaging for all requirements. We
can also help you to create your own brand in your market.

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